Jack's story

We first met Jack when he was in Year 10 and took part in the 2 day engagement at his school, Pimlico Academy.

The students spent a morning with current apprentices, who shared their unique journeys and experiences with the group, as well as discovering how their maths learning is integral to construction careers. The group also visited Mace’s Grosvenor Square site and completed a design and build project based upon a brief where the students put sustainability at the fore of their work.

Jack really enjoyed the 2 day engagement and was inspired to ask his uncle if he could join him for a week’s work experience in the summer holidays, shadowing him in his plumbing business.  On his return to school in September, Jack was feeling optimistic about his options and ready to work with Senior Programme Manager Pearl as part of the mentoring programme. He was keen to develop his Individual Learning Plan and move towards achieving his aim of gaining a plumbing apprenticeship at the end of Year 11.

Jack was referred onto the mentoring programme by the school because he was identified as at risk of not making a successful post 16 transition. Known for being boisterous and outspoken, Jack has outgrown his school career and finds its learning environment frustrating. However, when immersed in real life work Jack flourishes and is unrecognisable from the mischievous young man causing trouble at the back of a classroom. The Trust arranged a week of work experience for Jack with Pimlico Plumbers, to introduce him to a local employer. The week was a resounding success. Jack had an absolute blast working with the team and Pimlico Plumbers Apprenticeship Coordinator Wendy commented on the very good lasting impression Jack had left with them all.

“He got stuck in, worked hard and chatted away to the team he just fitted right in, he’s a little superstar in the making!”

Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Jack had an apprenticeship opportunity fall through with a local employer. However, being a resilient young man he made sure not to let this setback ruin his spirits. Pearl kept in regular contact with him after he left school, and over the lockdown months Jack attended online employability sessions where he developed his soft skills and worked on his interview technique, as well as our online Level 1 Health & Safety and CSCS card course. Jack has now secured his Level 1 Health & Safety and we are continuing to work with him on obtaining his CSCS card – a testament to his determination and making him all the more employable!

With Pearl on hand to encourage Jack to apply for local opportunities, he got to work contacting local plumbers in his area to try and find opportunities, and his perseverance paid off. Jack began his plumbing apprenticeship with Sadlers Services on the 1st of March!

“The Trust has helped me so much from the very beginning, I can’t thank you all enough. Everything you did in school, and even after I left school. When I left school, Construction Youth Trust kept communicating with me and it reassured me that there was still someone there and I wasn’t going into the world alone. There were still opportunities like the employment sessions and the Health & Safety sessions, to help me get where I want to be in the future… which is where I am now!”