Year 10 at Pimlico Academy design Multiplex’s new Tranquillity Garden

Multiplex needed a little help designing their new onsite wellbeing Tranquillity Garden at their Chelsea Barracks site; luckily for them we know some keen designers that could help them out.

A group of Year 10 construction, design and art students from Pimlico Academy came down to Multiplex’s Chelsea Barracks site to get the low down on their plans for a new Tranquillity Garden. For the duration of the Chelsea Barracks project, Multiplex want a peaceful and restorative space for the workforce to escape to during their busy working days to ensure a good standard of mental and physical wellbeing site-wide. 

Project Director Elliott Dittes welcomed the students, explaining the Phase 4 stage of the project and Multiplex’s vision for the new homes. Following a trip to the viewing platform to see the site and where the garden will be located, the students sat down with Sustainability Manager Neethu Roy who explained the ethos of the gardens. The majority of materials available to the students to use for the garden have already been removed from the site itself. With this as their only restriction, the students then set to the task using their imaginations to design a space that would be fun, relaxing and offer a breakout zone for the onsite workforce.

The students worked in 3 design teams to come up with an initial set of ideas, including a wall water feature, multi-coloured lights mirroring the outside light and, of course, hammocks for a well-earned cat nap.  

The 3 groups then came together to collate ideas, witnessing their hand-drawn plans come alive using BIM technology. A few tweaks later and the Pimlico Academy imagining of the Tranquillity Garden was complete.

The final design, plus some highly commended ideas, will now be put forward to the Multiplex Tranquillity Garden committee who will review the ideas before building the Tranquillity Garden.

It’s been an incredible opportunity for our students to use their teamwork, design and problem solving skills to create a real-life construction project. These students will experience first-hand the pride of seeing something they’ve created turned into reality.

We’re very excited to attend the grand opening of the Tranquillity Garden alongside our designers to see their ideas become reality at the end of the month!