Our new science-based sessions are getting students excited about construction careers

We have finalised three new science-based Contextualised Curriculum sessions, aimed at getting students thinking about how their science learning can relate to their future careers.

Our Sustainable Design Challenge takes students through each stage of the design process to get them thinking about the growing need for green, sustainable design choices in modern building standards. Students work in teams to identify what sustainability is and brainstorm ways in which the construction industry can help minimise carbon emissions, with the support of industry volunteers who are experts in the field such as Environmental Engineers.

Tunnel Tactics is a hands-on exploration of tunnels and forces, bringing together science and maths. Students will learn about STEM careers and will be asked to design, cost and build their very own tunnels using limited materials. They will also explore how this learning applies to the real life example of the Tideway Tunnel.

Finally, Sources of Electricity links students’ classroom learning surrounding the National Grid and electrical power with a range of real life careers within the construction and built environment sector. Volunteers range from Geochemist to Mechanical Engineer, and inform students about the potential pathways into their occupation. The main focus of this session is a group project in which students have to work out how much electricity is needed to power more and more homes as they are built, and discuss how this need can be met.

The aim of our Contextualised Curriculum sessions is to design exciting and interactive programmes of employer engagement that can widen students’ career horizons, challenge stereotypes, champion STEM careers and support young people to achieve their career ambitions.

Throughout the programme we have worked in partnership with industry and teachers to ensure the perfect melding of curriculum linked learning to real world of work scenarios. The sessions help young people understand how their school learning will be applied later in life whilst raising the awareness of the fantastic range of career opportunities in the construction and built environment sector.

All of our Contextualised Curriculum sessions will be available for industry volunteers to take into schools in the New Year. We can’t wait to share this collection of practical and interactive lessons that marry classroom learning with real world application and careers guidance.