King Solomon Academy preparing to embed Construction Youth Trust maths sessions across the whole of KS3 & KS4!

King Solomon Academy in Westminster look to embed our KS3 & KS4 maths sessions into the whole school curriculum from September 2019. 

Through our Schools Partnership programme we are able to create strong, long-lasting relationships with schools which allows us to become a fundamental asset within the school timetable. Our sessions are designed to help schools satisfy the eight Gatsby Benchmarks that define the best careers provision in schools and colleges. The benchmarks have a strong focus on employer engagement as well as inspiring students about the world of work.

Following positive student and teacher feedback from the pilots of our KS3 Pythagoras Theorem sessions at thier fellow Ark School Walworth Academy, the Head of Maths at King Solomon Academy is preparing to embed our maths sessions in every year group.

The sessions will include:

KS3 Maths Measuring in 3D Activity

The session focuses on a practical classroom-measuring activity, facilitated by an industry professional. The aim is to get students thinking about how their maths learning can and will be relevant to future career options. The career in focus is that of Quantity Surveying, and the activity incorporates common maths that a Quantity Surveyor uses while at work—most commonly to do with calculating areas and assessing the cost of a project.

KS3 Maths Pythagoras’ Theorem Activity

A practical introduction to Pythagoras’ Theorem via a ‘setting-out’ task that encourages students to think about right angle triangles and physically see the principle in action. Industry volunteers, usually Project Managers or others with site experience, explain the importance of right angles to construction and talk about how maths relates to their everyday jobs.

KS4 Maths Tree Project

This session aims to get students thinking about how their maths learning around circles can relate to their future careers. This will be done by exploring site plans and the considerations that construction companies make surrounding trees. Students will be presented with a site template and some rules, which they will use to create loci and constructions, sketching out the site’s usable area. They will also learn about the very important role that trees often have within building projects.

KS4 Maths Property Development

 In this session, the students will step into the shoes of a property developer, planning and costing a housing development. They will do this by carrying out calculations based on a simple development appraisal process. The aim is for students to learn how construction companies begin to plan major projects and make early cost estimates, as well as predict the amount of profit that a project may bring.

We can’t wait to begin the delivery in September, bringing in a varied range of industry professionals to bring alive the students’ learning and open up a whole host of new career options for them to consider.