Job opportunities need to be maximised - can we do more with the social housing sector?

Executive Director Christine Townley asks how we can work with the social housing sector to address the problem of youth unemployment

At a recent dinner held by the Trust I took the opportunity to discuss the role of the social housing sector in tackling the issues of youth training and employment with prominent members of the social housing sector.  It was a chance for me to draw on the experience and expertise of this select group of leaders from across the sector and for them to debate the challenges and best practice in tackling unemployment in some of the UK’s most disadvantaged communities.  It is quite clear that  the social housing sector does make  a real difference to young peoples’ lives but there is still more to do!

It was interesting to hear that three of the dinner guests began their careers as apprentices themselves and are now in very senior roles in the sector.  The message about the wealth of opportunity in the sector needs to get out to young people…they need to understand the offer and know how to get in.  Whilst  I was delighted how committed our guests were to combatting  the massive challenge of youth unemployment  I am still concerned that training and employment obligations within the procurement process do not always materialise in to real jobs for our young people. 

We already work with several Local Authorities and Housing Associations to support young people in their communities into construction training and jobs and would welcome working with  more.  Do get in touch and work with us to make a real and lasting difference!