Inspiring beyond the session

We were delighted to hear the impact that our Carbon Challenge has had on one of our Schools Partnerships schools.

The Carbon Challenge is designed as an interactive session that expands on students’ knowledge of carbon footprints and ways that emissions can be managed and reduced. The session utilises the new and emerging techniques that the Built Environment sector is using to improve sustainability as both examples of good practice and a chance for students to explore the many careers options available in industry. The session encourages students to think about their own carbon consumption and how they can take steps to manage their carbon use, with the main activity of the session seeing students working in groups to formulate a pitch to their Head Teacher outlining ways that the school could reduce its carbon footprint.

Following the delivery of the Carbon Challenge to a group of Year 7's at St Martin-in-the-Field High School, their teacher, Mrs Addo, has decided to register the students for a CREST Bronze award (managed by the British Science Association) focussing on a waste free project. Mrs Addo said that her students had learnt so much from the workshop, she thought it would be a good idea to keep the fire of sustainability burning which lead to her choice of project. We're delighted that the students, and the school, found the session so invigorating and we were very impressed with the Year 7's pitches and the maturity with which they tackled a problem that may influence their adult lives in serious ways.