Innovative online Level 1 Health & Safety & CSCS card programme!

We might not be getting out and about developing our practical skills, but we can ensure that our young people are primed and ready for action as soon as we can!

For any young person looking to begin a career in construction and the trades, passing their Level 1 in Health and Safety and gaining a CSCS card is vital to their career journey.

At the Trust we have developed an engaging online programme that takes young people through everything they need to know to become health and safety experts and pass their Level 1. It can be really difficult to find the motivation and discipline to sit down and absorb the amount of information necessary to pass a Level 1 Health and Safety qualification. Ordinarily we would intersperse the learning with fun practical projects, allowing young people to put their learning into practice in real life situations. We’ve had to approach online delivery differently, making sure that that our young people are kept engaged through quizzes, polls, videos and expert delivery.

As well as attending comprehensive webinars, we are also gifting all our young people with the CSCS card app to enable them to continue their practice after the online sessions end. Everyone learns in different ways and the ability to digest, reflect and then test the knowledge they’ve learnt gives our young people an advantage in successfully preparing themselves to pass the CSCS card test.

Following the main Level 1 Health & Safety and CSCS card programme, participants will also be invited to attend a range of online employability sessions. Sessions currently include: Apprenticeship Q&A, Finding and Applying to Apprenticeships, CV Masterclass, Cover Letters Masterclass, Interview Skills and Careers Networking. The sessions are career focussed, and enable young people to build their employability skills and discover alternative routes into the industry.

Our online sessions remain employer-led, with industry volunteers engaging virtually so that young people can continue to benefit from the knowledge and experience of those in the know.

Our Apprenticeship Q&A session, for example, sees young people question a panel of industry professionals in real-time about what it’s really like to be an apprentice and advice on entering the industry, mediated by Trust staff.

Once we’re able to return to face-to-face delivery, our young people will be able to launch straight into practical projects and continue their journeys to rewarding careers in the construction and built environment sector!