Archie's Story

Archie was referred to us by his father towards the end of 2022, at the age of 16. With two years’ experience working as a labourer for family and friends, he wanted to stay in construction but progress in a trade. However, he didn’t know where to start in finding out his options.

“I’d done construction for two years beforehand but wanted to be qualified in a specific trade and thought CYT would help me focus on that instead of just continuing labouring.”

Through our Building Opportunities programme, Archie’s coach secured him a work experience placement - a week of activities from different trades, so he could try each for himself. Having previously worked in carpentry, Archie found similarities with dry lining, but working with metal. He had a natural ability and was keen to pursue this avenue further.

“Before, I didn’t know which trade I wanted to do but dry lining is different and a recent trade so hopefully down the line I could get into my own business and even build a company.”

With his newfound passion, Archie set out to secure an apprenticeship. His confidence dipped with missed opportunities and he struggled to persevere with applications, but things changed when his coach sourced and connected him with a dry lining company offering apprenticeships.

His coach helped him develop his CV and compose a compelling application. When he was invited to interview, he put the skills he’d learnt from us into practice – and was offered a position!

Spending his time between sites in Ireland and London over recent months, Archie is now thriving in his apprenticeship and excited about his future.

“Working with people who are qualified and getting to see how they work and do things differently makes you learn so quickly. You start doing stuff properly which makes you feel good and can see yourself progress alongside them.”