Free school resources for industry professionals and teachers!

Funded by the CITB and delivered in partnership with London Regional Construction Training Group, the Contextualised Curriculum project aims to facilitate wider industry engagement in secondary schools (11-18 year olds), raising the profile and desirability of careers in construction and the built environment. 

Construction Youth Trust have developed and piloted a suite of online resources that can be used by industry professionals and teachers to deliver engaging sessions in schools that contextualise students’ learning in real life scenarios.

With a wide-ranging selection of sessions, the Contextualised Curriculum project offers students a range of meaningful encounters with employers that broaden their career horizons, challenge stereotypes, champion STEM careers and support young people to achieve their career ambitions. The employer led engagements also help schools to meet the mandatory Gatsby benchmarks.

All the sessions are free and you can download and use as many as you wish! Download an overview of all sessions here. To find out more about the sessions please email 

For each session there is a detailed resource pack including:

  • A session plan— a step by step guide for the delivery of the session
  • Student worksheets—printable versions of worksheets specific to each session
  • Resources— including session PowerPoint, additional information sheets and activities

We have also provided a handy How To Guide to help you make the most of the Contextualised Curriculum resources and support you in running engaging sessions in your local schools.

If you’re located in London or North Kent, why not come and volunteer with us before delivering your own sessions?

You will be able to observe our experienced delivery team and witness the sessions in full flow. We deliver all of the Contextualised Curriculum sessions ourselves and our delivery team would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the specifics of a session or delivering in schools.

If you have questions about any of the Contextualised Curriculum sessions or would like to join us as a volunteer, please do get in touch with Construction Youth Trust at