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Compliance Manager

The compliance manager’s role is to ensure that a business, its employees and its projects comply with all relevant regulations and specifications, as well as any ethical policies the company may have laid down.

The compliance manager will work closely with teams across the business to make sure each member is aware of his or her role in compliance.

This will involve detailed research, documentation, risk assessments, training programmes and liaison with external bodies. There is a continual process of planning, implementation, inspections and communication with others.

This is a very important role: failure to meet necessary standards – whether legal or technical – could prove costly for the business, both financially and in terms of reputation.  


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What The Job Involves

What are the key responsibilities for this position?


Key Responsibilities

Working with other managers to ensure compliance across different areas of the business
Visiting sites to ensure that agreed procedures are being implemented
Carrying out reviews of processes
Maintaining records of compliance practices
Filing documentation with relevant bodies
Producing training materials that help others understand their role in compliance
Sharing best practice throughout the business
Adapting plans based on feedback from others
Keeping abreast with changing industry and legal requirements


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Entry Requirements

A degree or equivalent in a subject such as Health & Safety, Business Administration, Building Services or other relevant field.
Once in position, further qualifications can also be gained from the ICA (International Compliance Association): ICA Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Governance, risk and Compliance, ICA Advanced Certificate in Compliance and more

What key skills and personal attributes help with this role?

Skills & Attributes

Good research skills
Organisational skills
Good communication skills
Working with figures
Ability to work well within a team

How much can you expect to earn and what are the career progression options?

The following figures are intended as a guideline only.

Salary & Progression

Newly trained compliance managers can earn in the region of £23,000-£30,000
Trained with experience compliance managers can earn in the region of£30,000-£55,000
Senior, chartered or master compliance managers can earn in the region of£55,000-£65,000.
Case Study

Beth West Commercial Director HS2

Commercial Director


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In her role at HS2 Beth is responsible for all contracts that economists use in their business cases and all things construction.

“We need to think hard about how we work, we make the most out of technology but also keep must keep in mind whether we put time and effort into meeting people”. 

Work experience placements are key, the longer the better - 

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