We have a talented and driven team of staff who do everything from working with young people and creating our programmes, to marketing, fundraising and finance.

Carol Lynch – Chief Executive

Having started out working life as a Civil Engineer herself, Carol is deeply committed to the Trust’s mission of helping more young people access the fantastic opportunities construction has to offer, particularly young people facing significant barriers into work and those groups who have traditionally been under-represented in the industry. Carol sees her role as Chief Executive as holding on to the ‘big picture’ while keeping a constant eye on the detail of day-to-day delivery.

Carol's favourite building is the London Aquatics Centre.

Pearl O'Keeffe – Head of Programmes

Pearl is an experienced teacher who has previously worked in the FE sector delivering construction courses and apprenticeship frameworks. Pearl is passionate about raising young people’s aspirations and awareness of careers within the construction industry.

Pearl's favourite building is Battersea Power Station, London.

Charlotte Kirkbride - Head of Central Resources

Charlotte is passionate about raising aspirations and supporting young people to recognise and have confidence in their own unique skills and abilities. She is proud to work in an organisation with a dedicated focus on supporting young people to make successful transitions into working life.

Charlotte's favourite building is Dalemain Estate, Cumbria.

Wendy Heller – Senior Construction Skills Manager

Wendy brings a lifetime of experience working as a carpenter in the construction industry and teaching. Her passion is to inspire and inform the next generation whilst rejecting the misconception that the sector is for people lacking in academic aptitude.

Wendy's favourite building is the Chrysler Building, New York.

Naomi Ryan – Senior Programme Manager

Naomi holds a BA from Coventry University and is an experienced teacher who has previously taught in schools in the UK and abroad. She brings valuable experience to the team and is absolutely passionate about education.

Naomi’s favourite building is Prague Castle, Czech Republic.

Sharon Douglas - Programme Manager 

Sharon is passionate about the transformation that support, and coaching can bring. She believes that active listening facilitates and activates the building blocks that enable us to see who or what we, as an individual, can become. Sharon loves to eat natural foods, is a spiritual vibrant creative person and a proud mother of 2.  

Sharon’s favourite building is Casa Batilo, Barcelona

Emma Barnes - Senior Programme Manager

Emma joined the Trust after completing her Masters in Human Rights at University College London. She is passionate about promoting access to education and equal opportunities for all, and hopes to help do so through this role.

Emma’s favourite building is the Vancouver Convention Centre in British Columbia, Canada.

Nancy Cannon-Ikurusi - Senior Schools and Programme Coordinator

Nancy is a qualified psychotherapeutic counsellor with 7 years of experience in the mental health, wellbeing, youth and the community sectors. She believes in positively influencing change everywhere she goes. Nancy grew up in South London with limited access to opportunities. Even then, she determined that she wanted to be the ‘change she wanted to see’ and make opportunities for others from similar backgrounds that she did not get herself. Nancy finds it hard to see the rising deprivation stopping young people from being successful every day. Being a part of Construction Youth Trust will enable her to be a part of the change she has always wanted to see for young people.

Nancy’s favourite building is The Cathedral of Brasília, Brazil.

Talisha Ellis - Schools and Programmes Coordinator 

Talisha joined the Trust after working in the education sector for 5 years. Her passion is to help young people achieve their best abilities in life. With her experience of working with young people who had SEN and behavioural needs, she found the work she did really rewarding as she was able to see their progression over time. Talsiha is looking forward to bringing her extensive skill set into her role at Construction Youth Trust. 

Talisha's favourite building is Sagrada Família, Barcelona. 

Farimah Farshchi - Senior Programme Manager

Before joining Construction Youth Trust, Farimah worked in the tuition sector, supporting children and young people unlock their full potential. She is extremely keen to combine that experience, alongside her BA in Education Studies to support all beneficiaries of Construction Youth Trust on their journey to success.

Farimah’s favourite building is the Golestan Palace in Tehran, Iran.

Francesca Conteh - Senior Schools and Programmes Coordinator 

Francesca has always been driven to empower and equip young people to identify their purpose and passions and have a positive impact on their lives. With a BA (Hons) in Childhood and Youth Studies from Greenwich University, as well as experience working with SEN students and mentoring young people, Fran is excited to support young people to uncover new interests and career paths within construction.

Francesca’s favourite building is the Lotus Building, Wujin-China

Georgina Corbett - Programme Hub Manager

Georgina joined the trust after working with SEN young people for a year. Previously to this, she completed an undergraduate degree in media and has experience as a voluntary youth worker for two years. She was eager to further a career working with young people within the charity sector, which led her to the trust. Georgina is eager to use her skills to help young people access the opportunities available to them and to help make the transition from school to adult life as smooth as possible.

Georgina's favourite building is Casa Batllo in Barcelona, Spain.

Tyrell Tucker - Senior Schools and Programmes Coordinator

Before joining the Trust, Tyrell spent four years as a Careers Adviser providing impartial careers advice and guidance, then went on to manage and create positive outcomes in the local communities as a Social Value Coordinator. Through this experience, Tyrell grew increasingly passionate about working with young people, inspiring and building their confidence. Coming from a disadvantaged background himself, he has always aimed to showcase that success is achievable regardless of your background.

Tyrell’s favourite building is Ebisu East Gallery, Tokyo.

Amy Cooper - Schools and Programmes Coordinator

Amy has a wide range of experience from previously working as Caseworker for a working health programme and before this as a Youth Worker for 4 years. Both roles cemented her passion to help adults and young people overcome barriers to achieve their goals. Amy has a strong set of skills that enable her to support young people to discover the available opportunities open to them and develop the skills they need to succeed.

Amy's favourite building is Chatsworth House, Bakewell, England.

Charlie Dawson - Senior Schools and Programmes Coordinator 

Charlie came to the Trust after working alongside SEN young people in Southampton and Winchester. His position at the trust aligns with his own beliefs surrounding social mobility and the ethical responsibilities within the business sector. He looks forward to continuing to support young people to overcome barriers and fulfill their potential.

Charlie’s favourite building is Wells Cathedral, Somerset.

Lizzie Booth - Schools and Programmes Coordinator 

Lizzie joined the Trust after teaching English and Media Studies for 14 years and is excited about beginning a new chapter in the charity sector.  She is passionate about supporting young people to meet their goals and aspirations.  As a neurodivergent person with dyslexia, she is aware of how barriers to learning and everyday life can affect someones chances to thrive.  Lizzie wishes to enable young people from all backgrounds to break through those barriers and achieve their ambitions. 

Lizzie’s favourite building is Smithills Hall, Bolton.

Nerissa Blondell-Richardson - Youth Progression Coordinator 

Before joining CYT, Nerissa did her undergraduate degree at Kingston university studying Working with Children and Young people: Social Pedagogy, before doing her Youth and Community Masters. Having worked with young offenders and vulnerable teenagers, Nerissa is very enthusiastic about supporting young people to broaden their horizons when looking for Education, Training and Employment.

Nerissa’s favourite building is St. Paul’s Cathedral, London

Emmalyn Gyamfi - Youth Progression Coordinator

Em's passion for young people stems from her previous role in Westminster City Council as an Employment Coach. She has always felt that young people need someone to listenen to them, understanding, patience and direction in order to figure out what they want to become in life. Em finds it extremely rewarding knowing that she has helped young people on their journey to accomplishing something great in their life which shapes their future positively. Her years of experience enable her to personally tailor project plans for her young people and ensure they make a successful transition to their next steps. 

Em's favourite building is the Golden Jubilee House in Accra, Ghana.

David O'Rourke - Senior Youth Progression Coordinator 

Dave has joined the Trust as an established Youth Worker who has spent the past 4 years living and working in Leeds. He became involved in the youth sector after graduating from the University of Nottingham with a degree in History & Ancient History. He has had a variety of roles in his professional life, but tend to revolve around the idea that long rambling conversations make people feel better.

Dave’s favourite building is his rented terraced house in Lewisham, London. 

Kasia Mazur - Senior Youth Progression Coordinator

Whilst studying for a MSc in Psychology at Middlesex University, Kasia worked in early years settings where she supported the learning and development of children with SEN. Moreover, as a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services volunteer she mentored young people with emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties. She was attracted to the Trust as she is passionate about working with young people to enable them to reach their full potential. 

Kasia’s favourite building is The Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, Poland.

Benny Peeler - Schools and Programmes Coordinator 

Benny graduated from the University of Bristol with a BSc in Politics and Philosphy. Since then, Benny has spent a year working as an English teacher in Madrid where he became passionate about supporting and empowering young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. He is keen to help young people find careers in the construction and built environment industry that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Benny's favourite building is the Torres Blancas in Madrid, Spain. 

Katie Wharton - Schools and Programmes Intern 

Katie arrived at the Trust enthusiastic to help young people find their passion and achieve their full potential within the construction and built environment industry. She joined the Trust after completing a history degree at UCL, bringing an eye for questioning and learning new things with her. Throughout her degree, she volunteered with vulnerable young people and her enjoyment and interest in facilitating their access to meaningful careers inspired her to pursue a career in the sector. 

Katie’s favourite building is the Art of Tea café in Manchester.

Rowan Lynch - Schools and Programme Intern 

Rowan discovered her interest for working in the non-profit sector through studying a BA in Social Sciences and Cultural Innovation at Dublin City University, where she became passionate about various social issues. She was introduced to the Trust because of her keen interest in helping young people reach their goals where significant barriers prevent them from achieving this solely on their own. Rowan hopes to bring as much support as possible to young people around London.

Rowan’s favourite building is The Custom House Government Building in Dublin City, Ireland.

Michelle Asamoah – Schools and Programmes Coordinator

Michelle joined the Trust with a breadth of experience working with young people in schools, volunteering and working in the charity sector. With a BA (Hons) in Education from Brighton University, she is passionate about making a difference to the lives of young people. Michelle is looking forward to helping young people discover more about the construction world.

Michelle’s favourite building is Buckingham Palace, London.

Priyanka Karsan – Schools and Programme Coordinator

After graduating with a BA in Education Studies at University College London, Priyanka volunteered for a local youth charity in Feltham. This ignited her passion to help underrepresented young people gain easier access to professional opportunities. She hopes to continue inspiring young people through her role at the Trust.  

Priyanka’s favourite building is the Palace of Versailles, France. 

Priscilla Neto – Schools and Programme Intern

Priscilla joined the Trust after completing an undergraduate degree in History & Politics at the University of Warwick. She is passionate about widening access to opportunities for young people facing significant barriers, and enjoys being able to combine her enthusiasm for education, mentoring young people and working towards a valuable mission in her work.

Priscilla’s favourite building is Belem Tower, Portugal.

Beth Dean - Schools and Programmes Manager

After completing her BA (Hons) in Multimedia Journalism, Beth realised that she wanted to use her transferable skills for a good cause. Having done work whilst at university with vulnerable teenagers, specifically within the LGBTQ+ community, she was attracted to the Trust’s goal of breaking down barriers for young people and helping prepare them for the future.

Beth's favourite building is the Arco de Santa Catalina in Antigua, Guatemala. 

Mark Heath – Finance and Central Resources Manager

Before joining Construction Youth Trust, Mark initially started working in the charity sector with Haringey Mencap in 2005, where he campaigned and advocated for adults with learning disabilities for over 10 years. Upon leaving the organisation, Mark became a trustee.

Mark joined Construction Youth Trust in May 2016 where he undertakes administrative, HR and payroll support, as well as coordinating work experience opportunities for the Trust's beneficiaries.

Mark's favourite building is Český Krumlov Castle, Czech Republic.

Emily Harding - Central Resources and Relationships Manager

In her previous roles, Emily has worked both in the construction industry, for an office design and fitout company, and with children and young people in a variety of different settings. She finds it very rewarding knowing her work is ultimately helping and supporting young people and making a difference in their lives.

Emily's favourite building is The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy.

Meg Humpherson - Central Resources Coordinator

Meg has had an interest in pursing a career in the charity sector since studying International Development at the University of Leeds. Before joining the Trust, Meg worked as an Employment Casework at Mencap, supporting young adults with disabilities build their employability skills and find work experience they were passionate about. Through this experience, Meg became passionate about helping others on their journey to build careers and is looking forward to transferring these skills to her role at the Trust. 

Meg’s favourite building is Bosco Verticale, Milan.

Jason Fernandez - Central Resources Manager

After graduating in 2020 with a BA in International Relations and Modern Languages from the University of East Anglia, Jason has been eager to further his career in the youth charity sector. His previous experience interning at IntoUniversity spurred an interest in social mobility and he is excited to work with the Trust, dispelling common misconceptions about the construction industry whilst empowering young people’s ambitions.

Jason’s favourite building is the Musée des Confluences in Lyon, France.

Tommy Farrell - Senior Partnerships Manager

Tommy came to us after finishing a degree in Politics and International Relations at the University of Bristol. During his time in Bristol he mentored and interned for the charity IntoUniversity, these experiences encouraged him to pursue roles in which he could have a meaningful impact on the lives of young people. He was initially attracted to his position at the Trust because he is enthusiastic about our mission to break down the stereotypes that surround the construction industry.

Tommy's favourite building is the Wills Memorial Building, Bristol.

Aleksandra Granatyr - Senior Fundraising Coordinator

Aleksandra has joined the Trust after completing her MA at King’s College London in 2021. She strongly believes in Construction Youth Trust’s mission of breaking down the barriers faced by young people on their path to employment, and is excited to help make a difference in young people’s lives through her work at the Trust.

Aleksandra’s favourite building is The Fenchurch Building at 20 Fenchurch Street, London.

Ben Owen - Partnerships Coordinator

Ben joined the Trust after completing an English degree at the University of Kent. Having volunteered at a local library from a young age, he has always wanted to use his written skills to make a difference to people’s lives. He was instantly attracted to the Trust’s mission to help young people reach their full potential, no matter what barriers they face.

Ben’s favourite building is Canterbury Cathedral, Kent.

Ellie Sylvester - Partnerships Intern 

Ellie studied Education with Psychology at the University of Bath where she developed an interest working with young people. During her placement year, she worked for an educational charity and a school which influenced her desire to go into youth work. She is looking forward to helping young people reach their full potential and tackle social mobility through working at the Trust.

Ellie’s favourite building is the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, Italy.

Sarah Forrest - Senior Marketing and Communications Manager 

Sarah started her career as a civil engineer and thoroughly enjoyed her years working in the construction industry. She later moved into marketing, market research and PR, and is now delighted to be able to combine her work experiences to help young people access inspiring career opportunities that will enhance their futures.

Sarah’s favourite building is Copenhill power plant, Denmark. 

Freya Higgs - Marketing and Communications Coordinator

With experience working in the charity sector and youth work, Freya was drawn in by the Trust's mission of helping young people overcome barriers they face to reach employment. She is looking forward to populating the incredible work the charity does through her role in the Marketing and Communications team.

Freya’s favourite building is The Globe Theatre, London.

Conor Baigent - Senior Data and IT Manager

Conor joined the trust after completing a degree in Chemistry at the University of Nottingham. He had previously worked as a CAD technician at a small engineering firm, and he now helps us quantify the effect we have on the young people that we interact with.

Conor’s favourite building is Harlech Castle, Wales.

Hamzah Sarmad - Data and It Coordinator

Hamzah joined Construction Youth Trust shortly after completing a BSc in Software Engineering at the University of Leicester. Through his volunteering and mentoring experiences with teenagers, he discovered a passion of helping young people to strive for success. He is eager to build upon his experience, by quantifying and displaying the impact we have on young people.

Hamzah’s favourite building is the Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.