Construction Youth Trust was first established in 1961 as the The Construction Industry Youth Trust by members of the construction industry and allied professions.

The Trust aimed to promote worthwhile leisure-time activities for young people throughout the UK and helped Boys' and Girls' clubs, Scouts and Guides, and Sea and Air Cadets to get buildings up and open for their use. Always seeking to promote equality, diversity and inclusion, the Trust set about its work subject to the condition that there be 'no restrictions of class, creed, colour or sect'.

Throughout the years the Trust has continued to support young people and help them discover the many opportunities open to them in the construction and built environment sector. The Trust's programmes continue to expand and diversify but remain committed to helping young people overcome barriers and reach their full career potential.

It is only through the generous support of the construction industry itself, that Construction Youth Trust has been able to make such a difference to young people's lives and provide the industry with a young, passionate and diverse workforce for the benefit of today and tomorrow.


Moments in time.... 


The foundation of the Building Industry Trust for Youth helping young people build and inhabit spaces for recreation. The Trust reports over £7,500 donated to youth welfare by the end of the first year.


The Trust continues to grow with the support of the construction industry and marks the end of the decade with a record £100,000 of grants bestowed over the ten years helping 350 youth groups.


The Trust works closely with the Building Crafts College providing student bursaries and celebrates 25 years with a reception at Innholders Hall. The Trust receives significant recognition when HRH The Duke of Gloucester becomes patron.


Building Industry Trust for Youth changes it's name to Construction Industry Trust for Youth and hosts the first annual Christmas Concert which becomes a favourite event of the industry calendar.


Construction Industry Trust for Youth changes it's name to Construction Youth Trust and transforms the way it operates from a grant giving Trust to directly delivering a wide range of programmes from education to employment and working with over 4,500 young people per year.


Today Construction Youth Trust create strategic and longstanding relationships with schools, organisations and industry in order to inspire young people about the construction and built environment. We support young people to recognise their full potential and help them to discover fulfilling and robust careers within industry.