Quantity Surveying

Abigail started working with Construction Youth Trust as part of the Pathways to Professional Careers programme. She knew that she didn’t want to go to university, and was always interested in exploring the option of a higher-level degree apprenticeship but didn’t know much about them.

As someone who has always gravitated towards maths and numbers, in the back of her mind, Abigail thought she would like to pursue a career which allowed her to utilise this skillset. 

Despite having family members who work in construction, she hadn’t considered the construction and built environment sector as a place where she could pursue her aspirations. Only when she was introduced to Construction Youth Trust did she start to realise that there was great potential for her to find a role that suited her abilities and interests.

Abigail’s Construction Youth Trust coach worked with her on a 1-2-1 basis to explore different apprenticeship opportunities that were maths focused. Abigail took a shine to quantity surveying and participated in multiple work experience placements that solidified her interest. With the support of her coach, Abigail developed her CV and her employability skills and started to apply for different apprenticeship roles.

After attending an assessment day with Sir Robert McAlpine, we are thrilled to say that Abigail has secured a quantity surveying apprenticeship! We wish Abigail the best of luck on her journey.

“Construction Youth Trust definitely helped me get [my apprenticeship offer]. When people see that you have worked with CYT, they think you’re more professional and that you have more experience. CYT feels like a judgement free company to work with - they help you find careers cause you feel like you can ask questions!” – Abigail