Young people should #ExperienceConstruction

Work experience helps young people to #ExperienceConstruction first hand

Not many people can be expected to know exactly what they want to do when they are still at shool, but its our responsibility to ensure that they understand and are exposed to the huge array of roles available to them. Work experience placements in construction can help inspire the next generation.

Why construction?

It's not unusual to assume that construction is all about getting your hands dirty, but you might be surprised about what the industry can offer.

Did you know?

  • CITB estimate that more than 182,000 construction jobs are set to be created in the next few years
  • 22% of the workforce are over 50, and 15% are in their 60s - this skills gap means there is a huge opportunity for young people to fill it
  • Due to the current demand, bricklayers are earning up to £1,000 a week as firms compete for workers
  • In addition to the traditional trades, job roles in the industry can range from engineering to project management, quantity surveying and urban design.
  • Many careers offer excellent progression prospects e.g. a trades person could work their way up to becoming a site manager earning £60,000+
  • Not all professional roles require a degree, with many offering apprenticeships as a route into the industry
  • Check out our new careers pages to explore the many different roles available

Why do a work experience placement?

  • Work experience gives a young person the chance to spend time on a live construction site and find out more about the careers available
  • Spending time with many different people will introduce them to a variety of careers and perhaps introduce them to something they had never considered
  • As well as giving them a taste of the industry, it will enable them to show their enthusiasm to a potential future employer
  • It can help them to identify their own strengths as well as learning valuable new skills
  • If they have impressed the employer, they might offer them a place on an apprenticeship scheme, or even a job
  • Work experience placements look great on CVs and university applications

Ok, you have me convinced, what next?

Our Budding Brunels course is a great place to start if the construction professions are of interest - a 3 day course with the opportunity to go on a work experience placement during school holidays with a construction company.

If you are more interested in the trades, and are based in London or Wales, contact our Budding Builders team who can support young people to get their CSCS card and arrange work placements with our friends in the industry.

You can see all upcoming courses here.

Or just contact us directly and we will see how we can help!

Case Study

  • Ted and Mohamed

    Last month two sixth form students undertook a summer placement with Mace at the £400m redevelopment of the iconic BBC Television Centre in West London.

    Over the course of 5 days, Ted and Mohamed were introduced to various areas of the business and experienced some of the many aspects of a construction project. Ted began the week wanting to be an Architect and did not change his mind during the week. Insight into all the different job roles in the construction world confirmed his desire to go down the design career route. However Mohamed began the week wanting to become an Architect and by the end of his placement he had changed his mind to Construction Manager. Prior to his work experience Mohamed did not understand what jobs piece together to make up a full Construction Project team. Having the opportunity to go out on site and see what a Construction Manager does on a day to day basis helped him realise he is a hands on type of person and does not want to sit behind a computer all day.

    These successful placements really go to show the importance of providing young people with first-hand experience of the various roles in construction to provide them with a realistic perception of what these careers involve. As these placements show, they can help to either confirm a potential career choice or introduce them to something more suited which they may never have considered before.