Year 9 at Jo Richardson School visit local regeneration Barking Riverside housing site

With the increasing amount of regeneration projects happening across London, there has been a lot of discussion how best to ensure that regeneration benefits local residents, rather than side-lining the community.

We took a group of Year 9 students from Jo Richardson School in Dagenham to the local Barking Riverside housing development so they could talk to the people redeveloping their local area. L&Q are in charge of the regeneration project and a number of L&Q industry volunteers were on hand to meet our students. Our young people were taken through the vision for the project as well as learning about all the new opportunities being created onsite for local residents before having a chance to partake in a discussion with Alison Cormack from McLaren Group.

Our students then went onsite, experiencing the theoretical become actual as the group toured the live site. Construction Youth Trust believes that if industry inspires young people to pursue construction and built environment careers then we have a responsibility to ensure that these young people are aware of where they can be employed. We think there is little point igniting interest in our young people if we can’t then support them into careers.

We aim to both support young people to achieve their full career potential and also introduce a much needed pipeline of new talent into the sector.