Work experience programme builds & rewards confidence in young people

Confidence brings its rewards – Tufael Islam wins a drylining role after placement with Willmott-Dixon from our Routes Into Construction Programme

Following a successful work placement with Willmott-Dixon at their IPO site in Aldgate, Tufael Islam has accepted a job as a dryliner with Carnegie Drylining at the London Docks.

We were introduced to Tufael Islam at Hackney Jobcentre in February 2016. Tufael has a minor speech impediment, which has seriously affected his self-confidence. At the time he also struggled to be on time for appointments – he was over an hour late for his jobcentre interview. Tufael had just finished a drylining course at college, and wanted to get some general site experience.

We made it clear to Tufael that if he wanted to get anywhere in construction, he would need to improve his timekeeping. Tufael took this onboard – he was on time for every appointment with us and with the employer after that day.

We placed Tufael with Willmott-Dixon at their IPO site in Aldgate Tower. He struggled at first, finding it difficult working with the drylining team. After a period in the office with the site manager, Tufael settled into the placement and received a glowing end of placement report. The growth in his self-confidence was obvious to all who knew him.

After a couple of false starts, Tufael has just accepted a job with Carnegie Drylining in the London Docks area of east London. We wish him well.