Welcome Jason, our new Central Resources Intern!

We’re thrilled to be taking part in the Jack Petchey Internship Programme, welcoming our new Central Resources Intern Jason to the team!

The Jack Petchey Internship Programme is designed to give young people a flying start in the charity sector, and help organisations like Construction Youth Trust provide the best possible support to our beneficiaries. The funding will also cover training and mentoring for Jason to help his professional development by allowing him to explore different roles within the charitable sector.

As our Central Resources Intern Jason will gain a holistic insight into the work we do at the Trust, assisting our Marketing, Fundraising and Administrative teams. We can’t wait to support Jason, who is just starting out on his career journey, to hone his skills in the workplace, and to learn from his fresh insight into how we can best support our young people!

Jason will be keeping a blog documenting his experience at the Trust, and we look forward to hearing more about his journey on this exciting year!