We are thrilled to have collaborated with Active Training Team, who delivered their award winning ‘Your Choice’ training session all about health and safety to our most recent group of Budding Builders on Thursday!

Our young people received the training as part of the Health and Safety aspect of our delivery of this Budding Builders course, which is in collaboration with Centrepoint as part of the Centrepoint Works scheme. 

Over the eight day course participants learn all about working in construction: honing their carpentry skills on a practical project, networking with industry professionals and developing their employability skills.

ATT used elements of their safety leadership session ‘Your Choice’ to encourage young people to talk openly, and share their thoughts and concerns as they take their first steps into the industry.

"At one point I thought it was actually real!" Budding Builders participant

Participants were shown a video scenario and had the opportunity to quiz actors who were playing the characters live, suggesting changes to their behaviour in order to prevent the negative outcome of the Your Choice story. It was a fantastic opportunity for our young people to get an interactive insight into this important side of the industry!

"The session was a unique way of engaging young people and bringing to life what they are learning about health and safety in a construction environment. Our Budding Builders enjoyed the opportunity to interact with the actors in real time, and the live element really brought home the consequences of an accident at work and the importance of health and safety procedures." Carol Lynch, CEO at Construction Youth Trust

Thank you to ATT for coming to deliver this session! Our Budding Builders thoroughly enjoyed the day, and it was an invaluable learning experience for them.