We’re encouraging green sustainable fingers with our new KS4 Maths Tree Session.

Our newest CITB Contextualised Curriculum session has gone down a storm and tapped into the sustainable thinking of the next generation.

The session aims to get students thinking about how their maths learning around circles can relate to their future careers. Focusing on creating site plans, students are presented with a site template and a set of rules which they use to create loci and constructions, sketching out the site’s usable area. As well as loving the problem solving, hands on approach to their maths learning Year 11 students at St Saviour’s and St Olave’s school were captivated by the role that trees often have within building projects.

The session had been designed alongside Luke Fay Managing Director & Senior Arboricultural Consultant at Treework Environmental Practice. Luke’s industry insight allowed us to make a session that not only develops students’ maths learning but creatively opens up a set of ‘hidden’ construction careers.

For the session at St Saviour’s and St Olave’s School we were very fortunate to be joined by Arboricultural Officer Jess and Arboricultural Consultant Matt. The students were shocked to learn about the repercussions trees can have on a site development. Matt explained how he worked on the Lendlease Heygate Estate development to consult on the 406 trees worth 13 million pounds on the proposed site. The delicate negotiations that have to happen within a community to both preserve natural beauty and support building growth really sparked the interest of the young women in the session.  

“The best bit of the session was when Jess explained what she does for a job. I had never even heard of someone like her who works with trees and I think it’s a really interesting career”

The students had never really thought about the sustainability side of construction careers and definitely never considered arboriculture roles (once they knew what they were!) as linked to the construction sector. We can’t wait to take this new session out to more of our schools and continue to develop the breadth of knowledge young people have about construction careers.