Thank you and Goodnight

Mark the day in the calendar, for today we bid farewell to our friend and colleague Katie Letchfield [Business Development and Volunteer Coordinator- we were going to go with a longer title] who is leaving the Trust after just over two amazing years.

Katie has achieved so much during her time at the Trust, from helping to shape our corporate engagement strategy, to helping to find volunteers for our programmes - probably all while arranging a food tasting for an event we are hosting; and naturally, with a smile and the classic Letchfield positive solution focus!

Katie of course helped us to launch the Skyline challenge, now a continued success into its second year and has helped Construction Youth Trust to reach out to new friends and gain new support.

Katie leaves us 2 weeks before one of her largest successes, this year's aforementioned Skyline Challenge and about 3 weeks before our new home is revealed in our swanky new Head Offices - something Katie passionately helped drive forward. But this is not to say that Miss Letchfield does not see things through to the end; rather, that Katie in her short time with us has been a real catalyst for change, helping us to move foward with her no nonsense charm. We know you will come back to see us!

As Katie packs up her desk [*tray?] for the last time, let us pause to say THANK YOU for all the fun times together.

We know that we haven't heard the last of Miss Letchfield - watch out world, you could be next!