Thamesview Year 11's visit Balfour Beatty's Springhead Bridge site

A major advantage of the Schools Partnership strategy is our ability to maintain meaningful long-lasting relationships with students.

Thamesview School is located within our Ebbsfleet hub and across the past academic year we've worked with a number of different students, primarily across Year 10 and Year 11. 

An opportunity came up for a group of Year 11’s to visit Balfour Beatty’s Springhead Bridge site, but the visit was scheduled for the first Tuesday of the Easter holidays. Asking 15 – 16 year olds to interrupt the beloved chocolate filled holiday break with a school visit to a construction site? Surely you must be joking, no one would be interested in going; but they were.

The Trust has been working with the year group, delivering in-school sessions but also offering additional trips and visits to those students identified by our Schools Partnership team and the school as those who would most benefit from extra engagement. It was students from this selected group that attended the site visit and they had an incredible time exploring the site with the Balfour Beatty team.

The site visit was an opportunity for the students to witness construction in action, allowing them to really place the careers and stages of project development that they’ve been introduced to during the in-school sessions in a real life working environment. Nothing is more inspiring then being able to talk to the people on the ground making a build happen and seeing how they actually make ideas into reality.

The students left fired up with excitement and plans for their future careers. Two of the students were busy setting up Balfour Beatty job alerts on their phones as they left; we think we know where Balfour Beatty’s next apprentices will be coming from!