Supporting the Next Generation

Considerate Constructors Scheme is helping to raise awareness of the work of the Trust through its registered sites and companies.

We at the Trust are delighted that over the next few months, Monitors from the Scheme will be handing out a leaflet on their visits which will give information on the Trust and how to become more involved. 

Organisations can help the Trust in a number of ways:

Donating excess materials to support the Trust's mobile classroom project: they make use of surplus plasterboard, paint, tiles and timber.
Providing work placements or jobs for Trust beneficiaries.
Working with the Trust to arrange site visits for young people to see how a real construction site works.
Visiting local schools or prisons with the Trust to meet young people and tell them what a career in construction is like.
Offer apprenticeships to young people working with the Trust.

Edward Hardy, Chief Executive of Considerate Constructors Scheme commented:

'The Considerate Constructors Scheme is delighted to be working with Construction Youth Trust in raising awareness of this important charity. The Scheme fully supports the efforts of the Trust and looks forward to seeing the next generation of construction professionals being developed. '