Success for Kent’s August community project - young people learn practical skills and network with employers!

06/09/2022 News

Young people from Kent got stuck into practical projects and developed employability skills with the help of industry employers and volunteers on this community-based programme, funded by the Colyer-Fergusson Charitable Trust. 


In August, we partnered with the Kent Youth Justice Team and HMYOI Cookham to give young people opportunity to take part in a 2-day hands-on community project, alongside professionals from the construction and built environment industry, as part of our Coyler-Fergusson Investing in Rehabilitation programme. 

The project was a fantastic opportunity for young people to not only explore a range of practical construction skills, but also develop their future career prospects by developing employability skills, such as networking, CV writing and meeting with prospective employees.

You can read more about one young person’s time on the project below!

Having been released from HMYOI Cookham on temporary release so he could attend our project, the young person was looking forward to learning some new skills! He had never tried carpentry before and enthusiastically watched the demonstration on the correct measuring techniques required to successfully produce a flowerbox. Although at times the young person found the work tricky, he was resilient and persevered until he had completed his flowerbox.

“[The best part of the programme] was having the opportunity to be active and social, I would recommend it. I like the painting and carpentry too!”

On the second day, the young person initially wasn’t too keen on trying out painting, but soon realised there was more to painting than first seemed! He mastered the technique, applying two coats and learnt how to ensure all areas are covered. He also had time to finish painting his flowerbox that he had built earlier in the week.

Alongside his practical skills development, the young person also had the opportunity to participate in a mock interview with one of the industry employers. He made a great impression, as the employer said they would be interested in the young person applying for an apprenticeship with them upon his release.

Whilst the programme provides a chance for young people to learn transferrable skills, it’s also a key opportunity for them to meet with other young people and build-up their confidence. Thank you to all our industry partners and volunteers who helped us on the programme.