Students turn industry detectives in our newest school session.

Year 10 students from Compass School turned detectives in the first outing of our new session - Hidden Careers.

Turning the usual careers networking session on its head, students move around 5 industry volunteers and ask questions to work out what they do as a career. The Hidden Careers session requires young people to critically think about their knowledge of industry careers. The students have 5 minutes to interview the volunteer, asking only yes or no questions. Suggestions are provided to kick start the interview, but as the volunteer reveals their answers the students are encouraged to pursue their own line of inquiry.  

At the end of the 5 minute interview, the students have a moment to collect their thoughts before announcing their career deductions. The volunteer then reveals whether the students’ conclusion was correct and instigates a more in detail discussion about their role and responsibilities.

The session challenges the student’s preconceptions of the volunteer sitting in front of them, that young woman couldn’t be a site manager could she?! The volunteers also detail how they came to be in their role, introducing students to the varied, and often surprising, journeys to a career in the construction and built environment industry.

The premiere session of Hidden Careers was very successful with the students resoundingly loving the quick fire interview setting which gives them control of the session.

We’re very excited to take Hidden Careers to all our Schools Partnership schools!