A step into the world of work for our young people in North Kent

Funded by the Colyer-Fergusson Charitable Trust, the Investing in Rehabilitation programme is a collaboration between Construction Youth Trust and the Kent Youth Justice Team. Through the programme young people are equipped with the tools and training to make a positive transition into the world of work.

A group of our young people in Kent recently took part in a two week project that saw them explore their practical construction skills as well as develop their employability prowess. The group threw themselves into their carpentry and tiling tasks, working alongside an industry volunteer to construct wooden birdboxes as well as learn the essentials of tiling a wall. The group were incredibly motivated, completing their tasks to a very high standard and showing a real desire to learn new skills. 

Jacqueline Noon, Social Value Manager at United Living, joined us in the second week to put the cohort through their paces during some mock interviews! Many of our young people haven’t had prior interview experience so this was a fantastic opportunity for them to be immersed in an interview scenario. By working with an industry employer, they received expert feedback as well as guidance on the importance of soft skills such as body language. This real-life practice will be invaluable in their future professional endeavours!

“These young people are the future. We need them coming into the industry” - Jacqueline

Jaqueline was particularly impressed when the young people were able to also ask questions of the interviewer, with one young person showing particular interest in how United Living is recognising sustainable measures in their builds. This kind of intuitive and mature interviews skills are what set apart applicants to potential employers, and we are incredibly proud of how all the young people composed themselves during the mock interviews.

It was fantastic to hear the participants reflect on their experiences of the project. “Hardworking”, “Insightful” and “Educational” were all cited as words to describe their experience, and it was evident that the young people had gained a great deal from the two weeks.

Often the young people we work with can feel unsure of their next steps. We aim to help young people recognise their own unique skills, discover rewarding careers best suited to their interests and achieve their full potential. 

Over the coming weeks we will continue to work with these young people to secure their best next step and look forward to keeping you up-to-date with their progress!