The Skills Bus returns!

The Skills Bus made a trip to Northfleet Technology College to spend time with Year 11 students exploring their construction skills and interest in industry careers.

Construction Youth Trust has been working with Northfleet Technology College over the past academic year as part of the Schools Partnership programme, developing relationships with students as they decide upon their options following their GCSE’s. There are many routes the students may choose to enter into a career within the Construction and Built Environment sector and one of the students, Dan, is determined to secure an apprenticeship following the end of Year 11.

When the Trust’s Senior Programme Manager Donna Jones first met Dan, he was debating which trade profession he would like to enter. However, following one of our Overview of Construction Sessions where Dan took Go Construct’s career personality quiz, it quickly became apparent that he had strong leadership qualities and could pursue a management role within industry. Through the Schools Partnership programme Dan discovered a greater range of industry roles then he’d previously been aware of and is now working towards becoming a Site Manager. Before meeting Donna and working with the Trust, Dan said he hadn’t realised that Site Management apprenticeships existed because he thought it was ‘a high up job so you couldn’t just go straight into it and that you had to be quite old to be a site manager’.

Of the Skills Bus, Dan said that it was through engaging in practical activities that he has gained a real appreciation of industry and developed the understanding that you can be part of the creation of something bigger than yourself. A sentiment echoed by his classmate Shane who reflected that the best part of the session was the end result of having built something from scratch through his own hard work.

The Trust looks forward to continuing to work with Northfleet Technology College and supporting students like Dan and Shane as they move forward on their journey into employment within the sector.

Thank you to Joff Buels from Skills for Employment Ltd learning for facilitating another great session aboard the Skills Bus.