Sidon’s Journey with Pinnacle Power

Work experience connecting talented young people to industry employers and opportunities

As part of our Year 13 coaching programme, Sidon, a positive young man with a keen interest in electrical engineering, took part in a work experience placement with Pinnacle Power. Sidon worked incredibly hard over his placement, and the team at Pinnacle Power quickly recognised  his great level of potential.


‘Pinnacle Power were delighted to work with the Construction Youth Trust to provide work experience giving an overview of various engineering roles. We feel these kinds of activities are key to encouraging young people into the industry and closing the skill gaps that some areas face. We expect to use these as an enabler to get apprentices through into the business as not only does it offer the young people valuable experience, but it also gives potential employers an insight their skills and we were able to get and provide valuable feedback.’- Rhea Marsden, Senior Business Development Manager, Pinnacle Power.


Pinnacle Power have recently launched a brand-new apprenticeship scheme and Sidon after demonstrating his interest and enthusiasm to join the team, has secured a position as a Heat Network Maintenance Technician Apprentice! Eager to get going with the company, Sidon will be undertaking a temporary administrative based role before beginning his apprenticeship after the summer! We wish him the best of luck in his exciting new chapter!


‘After hosting the young people for the week, I feel confident that our fast-growing industry will have a lot of talent coming. We expect on the back of this to offer an apprenticeship and we welcome the opportunity to further support and encourage these young people to take up careers in the heat network industry’- Rhea Marsden, Senior Business Development Manager, Pinnacle Power.


Offering work experience is not only a brilliant opportunity for a young person, but also the employer. By offering placements, employers have the ability to promote their own company, while promoting the industry as a whole. Through work experience we can support our local communities and help to nurture and encourage future generations to join the sector and even our own organisations!

Sidon’s story is one of many work experience success stories and your organisation could also find their next apprentice through work experience! If you offer work experience, please email Emily at