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Our Exexutive Director Christine Townley makes the case for widening the availability of skills advice and guidence to be representative of an industry and a diverse society.

Christine comments on the need to engage with young men and women in schools to help build an industry fit for the 21st century. The Trust's industry-leading Budding Brunels programme works with schools and colleges to engage young people with the most inspirational people and places in the industry - providing accredited learning and work placements as a steer into the industry. Supported by industry leaders such as Network Rail, Hs2, British Land, Vinci, Thames Water and many more, Construction Youth Trust can make a real difference attracting new talent into the professions.

The Trust's Budding Builders programmes work to support young people to become ready for work, offering training and work placements accross England and Wales. Programmes like Brunels, Builders and our new Routes Into Construction initiative in London, funded by the London Enterprise Panel, can help our industry to fill the skills gap with local talent which is better for our communities, our industry and our economy as a whole.

There is a quick fix, I suggest, for helping stem those shortages. There are up to 50,000 young people who have already shown an interest in construction and are on full time built environment courses in further education colleges. What they don't have is an employer.

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