Read about the Future of Construction and see the Trust's new ad campaign

The Trust's new adverting campaign features on the Front page of Future of Construction, a report published by Raconteur in the Sunday Times on June 14th 2015

Download the full report here - and read about how skills, supporting talent and recruitment, diversity, sustainability and the image of construction are all areas the industry is addressing and must continue to address if the UK is to build and sustain a construction industry fit for the 21st century.

Wring in the report, Alison Coleman suggests the industry has an up-hill struggle to change a negative public image:

A plethora of rogue traders-type TV shows have turned the menace of the cowboy builder into popular entertainment, tarnishing a large swathe of the industry workforce in the process

The Report is also being circulated at LONDON BUILD this week - like our new advert? Get in touch!