Providing online and technical support for those in need

Our laptop loan scheme ensures that none of our young people miss out on vital careers support!

To ensure that as many young people as possible are able to benefit from our online sessions, no matter their circumstance, the Trust secured funding from the London Community Response Fund’s ‘Delivering Differently’ grant for 30 laptops, along with data packages and dongles, which can be loaned to young people in need.

As we moved all of our delivery online, we were acutely aware that not all of our young people, especially those on our targeted support programmes, were able to access remote online resources. Though our laptop loan scheme we have been able to provide a continuous delivery of sustained support to those that need it most, ensuring that no young person is left behind.

So far we have loaned laptops to 33 young people throughout London, who otherwise would not have been able to participate in our online programmes including our innovative online CSCS card and Level 1 Health & Safety course. Receiving a laptop means that a young person is able to access online webinars, take part in quizzes and polls during the interactive sessions and complete their Level 1 Health and Safety workbooks.

For many young people online learning has opened up new possibilities for them, suiting their learning styles and individual needs.

“I did the programme because construction is a very good and useful career. I found it very useful because it helped me learn new things and refresh my memory on things I already know.

I enjoyed doing the revision at home because it allowed me to work around the things that I do at home.

I found the laptop very useful for doing the work and revision because I don’t have a proper working computer at home so it helps a lot."  David* - Online programme participant

Our work supporting young people to achieve rewarding careers is now more important than ever. For young people like David* being able to continue to engage with careers support online at this uncertain time is invaluable. Following the online programme he attended, we are continuing to provide 1-1 mentoring and support in revising for and booking the CSCS card and Level 1 Health & Safety tests, as well as advice about individual best next steps.

*names have been changed to protect the identity of programme participants