As part of our Higher Level Degree Apprenticeship programme, students joined us for immersive, employer-led assessment centres!

The sessions give support to young people as they embark on their career journeys into the construction and built environment industry, and are jam-packed with activities that allow students to work with industry professionals on their employability skills. They are part of our Higher Level Degree Apprenticeship programme, which kicked off this year with a series of Apprenticeship Masterclasses.

“Thank you for all of the time and effort that goes into making these mock assessments possible, as I feel as though I have learned a lot from them.” - young person

Participants take part in three main activities throughout the day. The first is a group task that posits various real life scenarios, in which students develop their communication skills, teamwork and problem-solving abilities. The scenarios are intended to reflect real life workplace situations and range from dividing assets left in a Will to deciding who a failing organisation should fire, based on varyingly detailed information about the employees.

The other two tasks are individual ones, giving the young people a chance to interact directly with the industry volunteers and gain one-on-one feedback. First, students take part in twenty minute mock interviews with professionals in the industry, answering both general interviews questions and questions specific to careers in construction and the built environment.

Finally, participants are required to give a 4 minute presentation on a topical issue. The presentations develop the students’ abilities to deliver under pressure, organise an argument and communicate clearly. Topics range from the effects of social media to whether school uniforms should be worn in schools, students are required to research their topic and present their ideas concisely.

The sessions have been well received by both industry professionals and students. Volunteers from our recent two sessions gave great feedback and were really impressed with the high standard of interviewing and presentations, particularly as it was the first time many participants had taken part in an interview.

“Thank you so much for the mock assessments, honestly they are so helpful and just great. You all are heroes!” - young person

The assessment centres are an invaluable opportunity for students to gain structured, constructive career guidance from experts in the construction and built environment field. Participating young people honed skills that they will be able to apply to their applications in the future.

Going forward, we will continue to work with the young people enrolled on the programme, supporting them in achieving their apprenticeship goals.