Over 4,400 Southwark young people discover careers in the construction and built environment sector!

Shaping Southwark’s Future is a partnership between the Trust, British Land, United St Saviour’s Charity and Southwark Construction Skills Centre.  

Through Shaping Southwark’s Future we work to ensure that young Southwark residents are able to benefit directly from the job, skills and career development opportunities created by the regeneration of their local area.

Over the past year, construction and built environment professionals have volunteered 371 hours working alongside ourselves to inspire young people about careers in the sector and support them to take advantage of newly available local opportunities. By directly connecting young people to local employers, Shaping Southwark’s Future is helping to level the playing field for local young people and allowing them to create professional relationships with potential employers.

13 young people have already begun their career journey by embarking on construction related apprenticeships with many more currently working towards making successful applications. 70% of young people who have participated in immersive world-of-work programmes as part of the project said they were now well prepared to take the next step in their education/career.

“The best part of the course was the chance to practice mock interviews with industry professionals. They gave me more confidence in being myself and being available to other people, showing your real self to other people.” - Young person reflecting on their experience of the Budding Builders programme

To be able to engage the widest range of young people possible, we have formed partnerships with local schools, organisations and referral partners.

Activities facilitated range from engaging introductions to construction and built environment careers and immersive world-of-work programmes to intensive 1-2-1 support concentrating on upskilling and enabling a young person to achieve their full career potential.

A major part of the project’s drive during its first year has been to ensure that young Southwark residents are actually aware of the possible construction and built environment opportunities open to them. Of all the young people reached so far, 90% said that they had improved their awareness of careers in construction and the built environment.

“It’s great to see the excellent early results of this project which clearly demonstrates the value of working in partnership in creating opportunities for young people.” - Sarah Thurman, Head of Community Investment, United St Saviour’s Charity 

As the project moves into its second year, the founding partners look forward to supporting an even greater number of young people in Southwark. The project is committed to helping local young people discover opportunities aligned to their skills and interests that they may never have previously been aware of, but are now available to them on their doorstep.