Our longer term support programmes kicked off in July and we are already seeing results!

At Construction Youth Trust, we are committed to supporting our young people throughout their career journeys – and we know that the traditional pathway of higher education is not suited to everyone.

The programmes are funded by Walcot Foundation, The Mercers’ Company and Sir John Cass’s Foundation. They will target Year 10 and 11 students that are disillusioned with mainstream education and might be better suited to alternative routes into working life, aiming to raise their career aspirations and give them positive reasons to remain engaged with their school studies.

The coaching programmes consist of long term one-to-one support, for up to 12 months. This more individualised approach enables us to personalise the support we give to our young people depending on their situation and needs, empowering them by building individual strengths.

“They are really excited and focused on the work with you this year… they’ve given some real thought about what they want to do, which is really good to see.” - Luke Collins, teacher at Pimlico Academy

Since July, we have been conducting employer-led activities which hone skills essential to the world of work, from CV writing to soft skills training, as well as group activities such as site visits in collaboration with our industry partners. Facilitating meaningful employer encounters is invaluable for our young people, as it is an opportunity for them to learn from industry professionals and get a realistic idea of what the world of work is like. The programme intends to enable participants to move onto their next steps, whether that be an apprenticeship or college course.

Pearl O’Keeffe, one of our Senior Programme Managers at Construction Youth Trust, has commented on how transformative the programme has already been for her Year 11 cohort at Pimlico Academy. The students recently had the opportunity to return to a live site they had visited in July, an amazing opportunity for them to be inspired by the progress that had been made, and witness first-hand how a variety of construction roles work over time.

“Pearl is amazing with the pupils, very knowledgeable, gets in great guests and has completely changed the lives of the students... these sessions bring education to life.” - Luke Collins

After working with her students for just a few months, they are already more knowledgeable about the variety of careers available in the industry and aware of alternative pathways into employment. The one-to-one support has proved essential in building the confidence of young people who are less suited to a traditional classroom environment and getting them excited about taking their next steps.

It is really heartening to receive such positive feedback so early on in the programme. We look forward to continuing to support the young people involved and track their successes over the next year, with the aim of them all making successful post-16 transitions.