Our all-female Budding Brunels group proved the gender stereotypes wrong at Lendlease!

Our Budding Brunels course is a great chance for young women, who are severely underrepresented in the sector, to debunk some of the common misconceptions about the construction industry and learn more about the wide range of roles available.

“I really enjoyed the Budding Brunels course because it gave me an insight into what construction is actually about and it’s definitely changed my opinions about it.”

The ladies were hesitant on their first day and unsure of what to expect, but they went in with open minds and really impressed with their focus and attention to detail when talking to employers at the industry networking event. The industry volunteers who came along on the site visit acted as great role models for the young people, and talked a lot about encouraging more women into the industry.

“Before, whenever I thought of the word construction I would think of men with helmets and high visibility vests, but now I’ve learnt that there are so many different sectors!”

During the Big Build challenge, which saw the students design and build a model of a construction project based on a brief and then present it to an industry panel, the ladies really came to life! They went above and beyond the brief, getting creative with the materials given to add extra detail to their models – such as foliage. One of the young women was so inspired she created her own portfolio at home to bring in on the last day, unprompted and under her own steam!

“There was a project manager and the way she described her job and the enthusiasm that she put in was just so inspiring, it made me want to feel that way about my job. She was telling us how there are so many females, especially here at Lendlease, and it made me feel like being a woman doesn’t have to make me stand out, I can just do whatever I want!”

By the time it came to the last activity, mock interviews with real employers, our Budding Brunels were rearing to go. They did themselves proud, impressing our industry volunteers with their presentation and preparation. One gentleman was so impressed with a participant, he said if it had been a real interview he would have hired her on the spot!