North Kent students gain a virtual insight into the world of work!

We have supported students from Ebbsfleet Academy and Northfleet Technology College on our 5 day online World-of-Work programme.

Being able to engage with the same group of students across a sustained period of time allows us to establish a rapport with a cohort of young people, even when engaging virtually, giving us the time and opportunity to give a holistic picture of the dynamic construction industry. In the interactive online sessions, we are able to answer questions live with the support of our volunteers, dispelling common misconceptions surrounding construction and the built environment.

In our Careers Networking and Apprenticeships Masterclass sessions, young people are given an insight into the full breadth of career roles that make up the exciting world of the built environment, guided by the experience and advice of real professionals in industry.

Participants are also supported to identify and develop the skills employers are looking for as well as recognise their own transferable skills and abilities. In our Interview Skills, Transferable Skills and CV Workshop sessions, students are equipped with the tools they need to stand out from the crowd when applying for opportunities in the future.

The programme is also a great way for us to identify young people who show an interest in joining the sector, and would benefit from further support from the Trust. Following the two programmes we have delivered this year, a group of students will be moving on to our Year 11 Targeted Support programme, on which they will receive individualised 1-to-1 mentoring advice and guidance as they continue on their career journeys.