New sessions released for our Schools Partnership strategy!

We're very proud to have added an additional six sessions to our Schools Partnership programme.

Since the inception of the Schools Partnership strategy it has been of the utmost importance to the Trust to ensure that we are offering our schools a varied programme of sessions that not only inspire students about careers in the construction and built environment industry, but that also fit alongside the curriculum as well as helping schools hit the Gatsby Benchmarks. 

As with the entirety of our session catalogue, the new sessions all centre around industry volunteers representing industry careers as a tangible, desirable and accessible option to students. Following the previous success of our KS3 maths sessions, bringing maths out of the classroom and applying learning to real-life scenarios, we have developed another KS3 maths based session plus two KS4 maths sessions. We have listened to the feedback from our schools and also released a series of employability sessions to help KS4 students progress to the next stage of their career journey; whether that be into higher education or employment. 

Our new sessions include:

Kitchen Design Activity (KS3)

Students use budgeting, mathematical and creative skills in the real life scenario of designing a kitchen. 

Team Challenge (KS3)

Students have their teamwork skills tested as they have to work together to develop a regeneration design for a public space.  

Maths Tree Project (KS4)

Students consider about how their maths learning around circles can relate to their future careers.

Maths Property Development (KS4)

Students step into the shoes of a property developer, planning and costing a housing development project. 

Hidden Careers (KS4)

Students attempt to guess the careers of 5 industry professionals who work in a variety of different Built Environment careers that they may not know much about. 

Assessment Centre (KS4)

Increasingly, more and more further education and training placements require applicants to complete an assessment centre activity. This immersive, interactive session helps build students’ confidence and awareness of what will be required of them during an assessment centre.