New KS4 Maths Property Development session goes down a storm at All Saints Catholic School!

As part of our CITB funded Contextualised Curriculum work we brought our newest KS4 Maths Property Development session to Year 10 students at All Saints Catholic School in Barking.

Alongside the London Region Construction Training Group, we have been developing and delivering a range of sessions that help schools satisfy the Gatsby Benchmarks, a framework of 8 guidelines that define the best careers provision in schools and colleges. All of the sessions have a very strong focus on employer engagement aswell as inspiring students about available careers in the construction and built environment sector.

Sessions are structured around bringing the national curriculum to life by aligning classroom learning with real world application. Focusing on STEM subjects, we bring built environment professionals into schools to show students first-hand how their learning can and will relate to their future careers, whilst also highlighting the diverse range of industry careers available. By the end of the project, our goal is to have designed a suite of resources that contain practical and memorable lessons which will at once help schools deliver better careers guidance, and turn the next generation onto a career in construction.

The latest session ready for delivery is our KS4 Maths Property Development session, which premiered in All Saints Catholic School this June. The session puts GCSE students in the shoes of a property developer as they plan and cost a housing development. Following a standard development appraisal process, students use their knowledge of integers and decimals, including rounding and estimating decimal quantities, to navigate their way through the daily problem-solving work of a property developer. By the end of the session, students gain an insight into how construction companies begin to plan major projects and make early cost estimates, as well as how they predict the amount of profit a project may bring.  

We were very pleased with the reception following the session premiere at All Saints Catholic School. The classroom was filled with lively discussion and decision making as the theoretical task of costing a new housing development became a very real concern for students trying to ensure they made the most profit possible! Our industry volunteer Danny, Property Development Assistant at Rooff Ltd, was bombarded with questions as he gave advice and guidance on the student’s calculations and plans. The teacher sitting in on the session said that the students were given a great insight into industry and were very engaged throughout the whole session.

The KS4 Maths Property Development session is the first available KS4 maths session and we’re sure it’s going to be as popular as our KS3 Maths sessions exploring Pythagoras’ Theorem and Quantity Surveying.

We’ve a very strong feeling we’re going to have a whole host of budding property developers on our hands after these sessions, so if you’ve got any capacity to host some work experience placements let us know!

All of the developed session plans and resources will be available on the GoConstruct website once they’ve been piloted and fully tested in our Schools Partnership schools for wider use by industry as a whole.