National Apprenticeship Week 2019 – Construction Careers and How to Achieve Them

Through our Schools Partnership programme we don’t only aim to inspire young people to pursue a career in the construction and built environment, we also give them practical advice and support on how to achieve them.

The Trust spent a session with students from Fulham Enterprise Studios exploring the types of interviews that they will be expected to undertake to secure places on apprenticeship and further education programmes. For many of the students the session represented their first encounter with the interviewing process. The students covered techniques equipping them for success in interviews ranging from an initial phone conversation to intensive assessment centre days.

For a young person who has never had any experience of an assessment centre, the process can be intimidating. During our session with the students we challenged their teamwork and problem solving skills as they were immersed in a disaster style scenario and required to plan a survival strategy. The students had to carefully negotiate the opinions and ideas of their fellow ‘survivors’ testing their diplomacy and leadership skills.

Following the lively survival debate, the students concluded the session giving team presentations of their strategies. The presentation aspect of the activity is an essential element of an assessment centre, demanding the students display a wide range of skills including public speaking, organisational, creativity and their ability to communicate on a wide platform.

The opportunity to experience a mock interview or assessment centre can dramatically increase a young person’s chances of success of securing a placement. There can be no substitute for the pressure experienced at interview or on an assessment day, but by allowing the students to practice and assess their skills in a simulated environment we are ensuring that they are given the best possible opportunity to succeed.