My Work Experience Week at the Construction Youth Trust - William Meredith

I was privileged enough during my week of work experience at the Construction Youth Trust to gain an insight into all the amazing work that they do here.

On my first day I was taken round Battersea Power Station, a truly awe-inspiring building site not only because of its immense size but also because of its impact upon the local community, along with the rest of the cohort of Budding Brunels, of which I was a part. Meeting the Trust’s patron the Duke of Gloucester was an added bonus. Deavon, Naomi and Charlene were all superb instructors, and over the course of the day I learned a lot about the construction industry. The most interesting part of the day for me was getting to interview the five professionals from Mace. They were engaging and it was really intriguing to hear how they had all got their jobs, and the paths that they had taken. The Budding Brunels is a great example of how the charity runs, as it is a program that encourages young people to go into construction, and educates them on what skills are required, and what is the best way to enter the industry, either through apprentices or university degrees.

Going to the head office in Store Street was a different experience entirely, and throughout the week I was able to take part in all different aspects of the charity. Working with Mark, the Administrator, I was able to help him undertake all the little task that the charity relies on to function and run smoothly. Researching possible opportunities for gaining funding with Ellen, the Trust and Foundations Coordinator, was another integral side to the charity, and I learned how important it was for a charity like this to be constantly looking for more funding for all their different programmes, enabling them to do the wonderful work they do. I spent my last morning with Henry, the Content and Resources Coordinator, working on a piece about the apprenticeships program, so I was glad that on Monday I had had the opportunity to talk to someone who had just finished her apprenticeship. In the afternoon I was working with Andy, the Operations Manager and went through the accounts, which was a good learning experience for me.

Most importantly, I have learnt that the Construction Youth Trust is not just a charity dedicated to getting more young people into construction, but an organisation trying to change stereotypes in this industry as a whole, to make a more diverse and inclusive working environment, that everyone can be a part of, and they are continually working to make this dream a reality. Personally I found this a great experience, and I have learned a lot about the day to day running of a charity and all the hard work that makes it possible. So thank you very much to everyone at the Construction Youth Trust, I had a great time.