Mace hosts Sixth Form pathways event

On 24th October, the Trust held an event highlighting different opportunities for young people leaving school. It was hosted by Mace at their HQ in Moorgate. Sixth formers and their parents came from across London to put their burning questions to a fantastic panel of Mace higher-level apprentices and graduates. The session was organised as part of our CITB-funded Higher Level and Degree Apprenticeship project, which aims to raise awareness of the wide range of apprenticeship opportunities that lie within construction and the built environment.

To begin the event, Deavon from Construction Youth Trust gave an introductory talk on higher and degree apprenticeships to explain how they work and give some more context to the session. Each member of the panel then spoke about the educational path that they had taken before joining Mace, and why they had chosen to join an apprenticeship or graduate programme at Mace. The panel was made up of apprentices and graduates belonging to a variety of careers: Civil Engineering, Design Management, Cost Consultancy (Quantity Surveying), and Project Management Consultancy.

Apprentices commonly cited the appeal of gaining a qualification at the same time as real career experience as a key reason for deciding to go down this route. Degree Apprenticeships allow participants gain a degree as they enjoy the benefits of full employment, and do not pay tuition fees. After the Q&A session, the students were also able to take advantage of an informal networking session with the apprentices and graduates.

This direct interaction between young people and industry volunteers is so important as it gives students an insight into what their future careers could look like, and make their post-18 options seem more tangible and real. Hearing from young professionals who were in their shoes only a few years before means that students have relatable role models and inspirational figures who have followed clear pathways into careers in construction and the built environment.

Deavon, School & FE Coordinator at Construction Youth Trust said:

“I want to say a huge thank you to everyone at Mace who made this event happen, especially to the apprentices and graduates and the Emerging Talent team. There was a fantastic discussion between them, students, and parents, which is what the event was all about.”