Landsec Future Property School 2021!

The Landsec Future Property School programme aims to give young people an immersive insight into construction careers, network with industry professionals, and build their employability skills.

In true 2021 style, the programme has been fully adapted to suite online delivery. Across the programme, sessions cover a broad range of construction and the built environment disciplines designed to dispel the common misconception that construction careers are limited to site-based roles.

By the end of the 12 week programme students will compete in teams in a Dragons Den style pitch of their own ideas for a construction project. Based on a brief, teams will use what they have learned to consider the different aspects of a build, from initial design to stakeholder engagement to marketing strategies, and present their ideas to a panel of industry professionals.

So far on the programme, participants have already taken part in a virtual site tour led by Landsec and Sir Robert McAlpine. With the support of our industry partners we are proud to continue to discover and develop innovative ways to connect our young people to the world-of-work. Live site tours are always a highlight of a programme and we are determine to ensure that no young person misses out on the opportunity to experience a construction workplace.

The site tour used 3D imagery to give a truly immersive experience of the impressive 21 Moorfields site, and with live commentary from professionals working on the project it really was the next best thing to being on site! Students got a great insight into the unique challenges and considerations of the site, and we could tell that the tour had sparked their curiosity from the insightful questions posed to our volunteers!

We have already been so impressed with how engaged and motivated this cohort of young people has been, and have no doubt that the final judging panel of professionals will be blown away by their final presentations!