Land Securities Community Employment Programme Awards 2015

We are very proud to announce that Brooke Hills, a past student from the Budding Builders course has been shortlisted for, and will be attending the Land Securities Community Employment Programme Awards today.

The awards are to recognise the success of young people getting into employment, with continued qualified training – overcoming substantial barriers to transform their lives.

Brooke, who is currently undertaking an apprenticeship with Bam Nuttall, came to us with an interest in construction, but hadn’t had much experience in the industry. Taking part in the Budding Builders course inspired Brooke to really consider construction as a viable career choice. She was our student of the year for Construction Youth Trust's Graduation ceremony, proving that she would be a perfect employee. The aftermath of this recognition has meant Brooke had multiple opportunities presented to her. With her new found love and enthusiasm for the industry, she will be an asset to any company and Bam Nuttall are lucky enough to have employed her as an apprentice.  

Brooke was nominated for the award due to her positive skills and personal attributes during the course; her communication skills were elementary, her timekeeping and attendance were excellent. However, most impressively was her determination and courageousness during the course. This has carried her to where she is today, working for a major contractor on central London sites.

We would like to wish Brooke the best of luck for the awards which are taking place today from 12-2.30. She is attending the event with Vic Grimes, our Operations Director and her employer Bam Nuttall.