Jada's work experience Blog!

Jada’s Blog! 


Day 1 

My opportunity at Construction Youth Trust! 

I was given a great opportunity to do a one-week work experience at Construction Youth Trust. Construction Youth Trust is a charity full of great people who encourage young people to join the construction industry, even if you have just finished school, to help you find a career.  

My first day was quite interesting. First, I was welcomed by Emily and introduced to two other members of the team Conor and Tommy. Conor who gave us a tour around the building and showed us all the health and safety precautions and where to go in case of a fire. Then I met Comfort, who I had previously met when she had taken us on a site visit to do bricklaying with the Trust 

Then, the team spoke about the purpose of their jobs and what they do in full detail to help get young people where they want to be in the future.  I realised how much work is put into Construction Youth Trust to get young people involved and  ready for life. This is a good Trust, as right now I’m getting the experience I need by working in their office and going on sites to meet people who are also in the industry. This will be beneficial to me later, as future managers who I may work for won’t just look at the grades I have but also the experience that went along with it. 

Later in the day I researched ways to promote Construction Youth Trust, through social media and involve young people. I also learnt ways to attract younger people’s attention by thinking about how I find myself scrolling through social media for hours.  


Day 2 

I was welcomed by Deavon and Molly, who comes to my school with Construction Youth Trust, to introduce us to new people from companies, takes us on site visits and help us in general. We read over my blog and work from yesterday. 

Shortly after me, and Molly headed over to The Fulham Boys’ school, to visit a work experience programme, where I met Henry and Naomi. They took us upstairs to see the group of students who were working together on a community centre in teams. They all had different roles to help build the community centre, for example there were architects, project managers, engineers and a marketing team. Each person had their own booklet to complete as part of their job role. 

The architects first started their work on sketch up, which is a 3D design app where they get to create whatever they want in 3D. The project managers helped with planning, organising and time management of the project. The marketing team had an example where they got a letter from a client and had to build their product to the client’s wants and needs, making sure it was within the client’s budget and that they are fully communicating with the rest of team. Then, some students made a 3D model of some of their work to help represent what their community centre might look like. 

After lunch, the student had to put together a PowerPoint to present their community centre they had built and what each member did to help them build their community centre. I Spent the day taking photos and talking to the students about their community centre which I really enjoyed.  It was a good day and hope tomorrow will be just as exciting.  

Day 3 

 I was welcomed by another team member, Mark who is the HR Manager. I started up by typing up yesterday’s blog and transferred the photos from the camera onto the computer. Then, picked out the photos that me and Jed liked and edited them. Jed typed up a social media post of everything that happened yesterday and chose the photos he wanted and added a small caption. 

We then prepared the P.P.E we needed for the site visit we was going to in Canary Wharf, which turned out to be interesting. After we came downstairs and looked at “The Chronicle” With Katie, where we found about CYT’s internal newspaper, and we got to write a page about an interesting topic or something that was going on. I chose Mandela Day and Jed did the French revolution remembrance. 

After lunch, we then headed off to the sit visit, where I met Deavon again and his group of students from a different school. When we got there, we put on PPE, went inside the building and met some of the workers there.  They took us up to the eighth floor, which was known as the welcome home floor as there were day beds, so if you just flew in, or if you were tired you could rest then get back to work.  When we went back to the ground floor, we had a cold drink, snack and ice lolly, and were showed what the building would look like when it was finished the terrace was the best-looking bit. After that we changed out of our PPE then headed back to the CYT office where I am now typing up my blog and about to edit the photos I took today.  

Today was a good day and I hope tomorrow will be just as great.  

Day 4 

I started the day with Jason, Molly and Connor. We headed onto our laptops and looked over the videos from yesterday and started editing them. Then, we put the videos together into a little show of what we did yesterday. 

Then, me and Jed started making a promo video for the Trust. First, we introduced ourselves and what Construction Youth is, then we interviewed Jason and Molly about how they found Construction Youth Trust, how they got themselves involved and where they might see themselves and their team in five years’ time. 

Me and Jed then started our presentation on how to promote Construction Youth Trust and how to get young people involved. We talked about the different social media platforms and what ages mainly use those platforms and w about how we find ourselves on social media for hours for scrolling.