Inspiring Year 10 students in Lambeth supported by The Walcot Foundation.

Over the next three years we’ll be working with Year 10’s in Lambeth raising their career aspirations.

Supported by The Walcot Foundation, we’re running a bespoke programme of employer-led engagements in a number of schools in Lambeth. The aim of the programme is to engage Year 10 students with a wide range of construction careers, raise their aspirations and give them positive reasons to remain engaged in their important Year 10/11 studies.

Once a young person falls out of education and employment, the route back in can feel beyond their reach. By working with young people at an early stage in their career journey, and whilst they are still embedded in the education system, we believe that we can support them through the tricky times where disengaging with education may seem like the easiest or only available option. We want to open up an alternative best next step for them.

We hope to provide a relevance to a 14/15 year old’s studies by inspiring them about the opportunities available to them in the construction and built environment industry and giving them a reason to apply themselves.  

The programme will be world-of-work centred, focusing  not only on inspiring young people about career opportunities, but also giving them the opportunity to develop employability skills to enable them to secure their next best step such as an apprenticeship.