Hackney Residents Embark on Built2Work

Construction Youth Trust is delighted to announce the start of the latest Built2Work project, a five-week construction course based in Hackney.

Using two void properties as a canvas for an introduction to construction-related skills, participants will learn carpentry, tiling, painting and decorating and plumbing through what has proved to be a successful training model that provides enhanced opportunities for young people upon completion of the project.

In partnership with Woodberry Works led by Manor House Development Trust, over 50% of participants from the two previous Built2Work programmes have successfully moved into further education, employment or training as a result of taking the course. The course allows local residents interested in construction to take advantage of the high quality training provided and get involved in the major regeneration work going on around them on the Woodberry Down Estate.

Cllr Karen Alcock, Deputy Mayor of Hackney, said of the Council's involvement with the project:

"The council is committed to the regeneration of our estates, and this means more than simply building new homes; it's important that local people can access training and employment as part of all the construction work going on in the borough."

Information, advice and guidance are embedded within the course to direct young people towards sustainable employment or the education or training provision that is right for them. A comprehensive employer engagement phase also takes place following completion of the multi-skills syllabus. This provides job interviews, work placements and mentoring opportunities that result in positive and tangible outcomes for participants.

The meaningful careers guidance and enhanced opportunities for progression that are available have been proven to raise the motivation and aspirations of young people identified as NEET, and result in a greater belief that they can fulfil their potential in the workplace.

Project beneficiary Keisha, 16, said:

'At first I was really anxious about using the machinery, but now I feel confident. Completing the course has given me more direction to go into property development.'

Other participants have moved into long-term employment, and value the impact 'Built 2Work' had at an important stage of their lives. Mark Julian completed the course last year, and now works for consultancy firm REDS10.

Mark  said:

'With a family on the way, I can sort my life out. Built 2 Work is for people who want to do something with their lives; you can learn the basics and get introduced to the right people who can help you progress."

Construction Youth Trust director Christine Townley also comments:

"Built2Work is an exciting project that has exceeded its targets for the number of people moved into employment, education or training. We are delighted with the partnership between Construction Youth Trust, Manor House Development Trust and contractors such as Mulalley, Reds10 and Lakehouse that has capitalized on the regeneration of Woodberry Down Estate to such good effect.

We see 'Built2Work' as a successful model that could be replicated with other housing associations, local authorities and contractors, resulting in further positive outcomes for young people pan-London."

Built2Work projects will continue to run in 2011. For further information please contact Ben Churchill on 020 7467 9547.