An exciting new opportunity for our Hammersmith & Fulham young people as the year draws to a close!

17/12/2021 News

Generously funded by Ted Russell Charitable Trust, six of our young people taking part in our Hammersmith & Fulham targeted support programme, who are seeking training or employment opportunities have engaged in a ‘What Employers Want’ session with professionals from Buckingham Group and Acorn.  

As part of a wider development project, Fulham Football club is expanding its stadium capacity with a brand-new stand as well as enhancing its amenities along the Riverside for all to enjoy. Our young people were invited down to the site to take part in a bespoke session where they were able to connect with industry professionals and ask questions of what it's really like to work within the industry – and on such an iconic site! 

The session started with a get to know you session, where each young person discussed their career aspirations as well as sharing with the group a bit about themselves. Our young people showed an interest in demolition work, plumbing, carpentry, and electrics! This enabled our professionals to get to know our young people and see if they could offer any opportunities on the development site! 

Since the session, Buckingham Group have offered two opportunities to our young people! One young person was offered a placement in electrical installation once he achieves his CSCS card, whilst another has secured a labouring opportunity and is looking forward to learning more about the industry!  

It was interesting and taught me things that I didn’t know. I can imagine for any other young person new to this industry it would be the perfect introduction from employers. It was amazing to know immediately how they were willing to give me an opportunity to work on site and I am so excited to start. If it wasn’t for CYT and them informing me of these opportunities, then I wouldn’t be where I am today - Young person on the programme 

A massive thanks goes to Lesley from Bucking Group and Lawrence from Acorn for organising the engaging sessions. We can’t wait to see what the New Year brings and see how these young men get on with their aspiring careers in the industry!