Eastbury School discover Construction and the Digital Industry

A major misconception of the construction and built environment industry is that all careers focus on manual labour.

As part of the Schools Partnership programme we deliver sessions that smash this falsehood and introduce the full range of available careers.

Alongside volunteers Lucy and Maxine from Willmott Dixon, the Trust spent a morning exploring Construction and the Digital Industry with year 9 students at Eastbury Community School. The session demonstrated how the digital sector is fundamental to modern industry and the necessity of digital roles in all aspects of a construction project.  

Lucy and Maxine introduced the group to the programme Dalux, taking them through the digital blueprints of a school Willmott Dixon is currently developing and explaining the importance of the digital roles involved in the project. The students were able to explore the programme and gain an appreciation of the digital work undertaken at the beginning of a project, before any actual construction is even considered.

The second part of the session relied on the students’ good teamwork skills, as they worked in groups to draw up a design for either a house or a rocket in accordance with a spec given by to them by their clients Maxine and Lucy. When presenting their ideas, the students had to clearly communicate their vision and design as the construction of the projects was handed over to a rival team.

By the end of the session the students had a greater understanding of the different stages of a project and had had the chance to try their hand at a number of roles ranging from the initial planning to the final build. By experimenting with a range of roles the students were given the opportunity to witness how many different skills are needed by industry and able to see where their skill set and interests would make them extremely valuable and successful in the sector.