From delivery to fundraising – our wonderful intern Max has been exploring a different side of the Trust!

We caught up with Max to find out how he’s finding his move to the Partnerships team, being caught up in a pandemic and life working from home!

I have been with the Trust since September 2019 on the Jack Petchey Internship programme, and since the government lockdown I have changed roles from delivery to fundraising and now work in the Partnerships team! It has been an exciting and challenging time to be working in fundraising. There has been a great response to COVID-19 with many new funding streams open to benefit youth organisations, and we have been incredibly busy applying for them!

The first fundraising success as part of my new team came from the London Community Response Fund, from which we secured funding to purchase laptops and internet dongles for young people taking part in our online programmes who otherwise would have been digitally excluded. We have been really successful at the Trust at managing the shift of so much of our work with young people online and it was paramount for us to ensure that we are able to facilitate access to our online resources for all young people.  This first win was a great introduction to my new role - especially getting funding for something so tangible that will make a real difference to the lives of the young people that we support!

Working from home has definitely been a big change to the day-to-day, but I think it’s clear to see that there are benefits to it. Especially now I’m in a role which requires so much reading of information and writing bids and reports, having a quiet space without many distractions has definitely helped my workflow. However I don’t think I’m part of the camp that is singing for the demolition of offices around the country – I think they serve a useful purpose and it’s definitely a lot nicer being able to speak to colleagues face to face rather than through the computer. A future where working from home is more normalised but the option of going in to the office remains seems like the perfect blend to me!

Moving forward I am really excited to learn more about the world of fundraising and partnerships. From what I have learned so far, it is clear that networking and relationship building is such a vital part of developing strong partnerships. As the COVID-19 lockdown loosens and things return more so back to normal, I am really looking forward to helping build on the positive relationships that we have with our funders. Though less glamorous, I am also looking forward to helping develop our salesforce system, which will really help streamline our fundraising processes and save us lots of time in the long run. Overall, while it has definitely been a challenge continuing working in the face of such disruption, I feel really proud to work with such a passionate team and believe that the way we have managed to adapt how we engage with young people in such a short space of time has been truly remarkable.