Collaborating with University of West London based production company W5 Productions

We had a great time working with W5 Productions, a University of West London based production company, to create a bespoke interview skills film for our Interview Skills schools session as part of the L&Q Learning to Succeed programme.

At the Trust we're always striving to find our young people professional industry experience in order to best prepare them for the working world, so when it came to choosing a production company to help us create a bespoke film for our Interview Skills session we were determined to work with someone who shared our values and desire to provide opportunities for the next generation of industry - whichever industry that might be! 

W5 Productions fund, manage and produce productions and projects working with young people connected to the University of West London and young people within their local community, as well as collaborating with organisations based within the arts, media and youth sectors.

The production company also serves as a temp employment service, developed through partnerships with new temp start-ups and University of West London Employment Services specifically for the creative industries.

For our project, the director and filming crew were all University of West London alumni with our two leading actors nearing the end of their third year on the university’s BA acting course. The two young women were very talented performers and we were delighted to be able to hire them for their first professional (corporate) filming job. We’re secretly hoping that we’ll be featured on their show reels for years to come! 

The film will be used to highlight the common pitfalls of interview technique, with students critiquing our ambitious, but inexperienced, interviewee Sharon as she attends her first professional interview. Learning from Sharon’s attempt, students will then hone their own interview skills in roleplays ensuring that they won’t make the same mistakes as Sharon.

We’re very excited to start delivering our Interview Skills session and help prepare students for their own first interviews.