A Change of Chairman at Construction Youth Trust

After six years of chairmanship at the Trust, we say a fond farewell to Andy Wates and welcome in our new Chairman, Edward McAlpine.

It is with gratitude for all his support that we say goodbye to Andy Wates. We have valued his direction and dedication to the Trust over the last six years.

During his time as Chairman, Andy has helped the Trust adapt to new challenges and seen our reach grow to 25,891 young people in 2019. Andy will always remain a firm friend of the Trust and we look forward to the new ways in which we will work together.

We are proud and delighted to announce Edward McAlpine as Construction Youth Trust’s new Chairman. Having been a member of our Board of Trustees since June 2019, Edward begins his tenure at a pivotal time for the Trust as we decide upon our strategy for the next three years.

In the current climate, the importance of the Trust’s work is put into sharper focus, allowing young people to develop the right skills and training the industry needs at this challenging time.

On accepting the Chairmanship, Edward McAlpine said:

“Construction Youth Trust does brilliant work to inspire young people through building awareness of the construction industry and the opportunities that lie within it. The Trust engages young people to assist them in developing skills and accessing employment opportunities.

At this particularly challenging time, it is essential that we approach recovery with a truly inclusive culture in mind. Young people are the future of the sector, and so it is vital that we ensure this talent is supported and enabled.

As Chairman, I look forward to working closely with our excellent Chief Executive Carol Lynch and our Board of Trustees to increase the positive impact of the Trust's work.

On behalf of the team at Construction Youth Trust and the Trustees, I would like to thank Andy Wates for his great commitment to theTrust over 6 years and his excellent leadership both as a Trustee and as Chairman.”



Edward joined Sir Robert McAlpine in 2000 and has been a Director of the company since 1st March 2009.

Edward has been Chairman of Sir Robert McAlpine's Executive Board since January 2019 and he also chairs the company's Remuneration Committee.